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As a Physicist and engineer I know that the strongest structure is a triangle. This is a story of how a triangle can work in every day life.
I started a charity called Foxies Fund to help those in need with pets.  One day a young lady with a rescue named  Hoochie Pooch Rescue called for help. She had a young pup Named Butternut with mange. Foxies Fund contacted her Vet. The Pet Care Center of Los Angeles. PCC is a Rescue vet and therefore has very affordable prices. We worked together to determine the issue. It was dermedex and after about 3 weeks of therapy, Butternut was on her way to better health! 
This was the triangle :- A person in need, A person with means and a person who can help. Together this pup was saved! But there was a new problem. HP Rescue has new clients coming in and not enough runners! What to do????? 
Foxie's Fund decided to adopt the pup. Working as a team Foxies Fund, Hoochie Pooch and The Pet Care Center went into action. We got Butternut ready for relocation. This included HP rescue getting an appropriate crate and Butternuts health paper work from the Pet Care Center. Foxies Fund contacted the best transport service we could find.  It was Animals Away! And a new triangle Forms!! 
You will remember Animals Away from the Nat Geo show “We move Animals”. Check You Tube. Anthony Deniker took charge of the situation! He filed all the needed FAA paperwork for transporting live-animals and made the flight arrangements for an overnight flight, due to summer temps. A quick bath and Butternut was handed off to delta cargo without a hitch! Alice Rains of HP Rescue shed a tear knowing she was going to a forever home and not coming back! 
Butternut took off at Midnight Wednesday and landed at 7:38am Thursday. Delta only needed my DL  and she was home.  And OH!!!!!!! that smell in the Atlanta heat. She needed  a bath big time! 
Today Vista ( as we call her now) is happy, healthy and has a family that loves her, so this has become our mission!


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Cheers Dominick
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