By  Casey      and          Steve       (Foxies Parents)
I just lost my dog Simba of 18+ years, 3 days before Thanksgiving 2013, and was devastated. Heartbroken, I started looking for another dog. I tried shelters, and rescues. I found Foxie's ad on a FB page. I saw her picture on the ad, and fell in love. The pic didn't show how SMALL she was. At the time she weighed 3.6 pounds. During my first meeting with her, we could tell she was NOT well, but I didn't care, I knew I wanted her no matter what, (& she needed help). Everything they told me about her were lies! (age, being fixed, etc.) At home with us, she had to have seven teeth pulled, and was put on antibiotics for a respiratory infection, and eye drops. A desexing surgical scar was never found, but a tattoo was found on her belly. The vet thought Foxie had bad arthritis in her legs (that's why she walked funny). No X-rays were taken at the time. Foxie would never walk on wood floors, or tiles. She started getting better after about 3 weeks...
At first Foxie had trust issues, she would not make eye contact, if you tried to make eye contact, she'd turn her head, or turn her whole body away from you.
After about 4 months she started coming around, wanting to be a part of the family. She still had a hard time with the eye contact.
Foxie started coming out of her shell, and enjoying life, doing her little happy dance when I'd come home from work, she would even run, (although her run wasn't normal) and she really enjoyed riding in the car.
Foxie was taken into the vets for annual checkups, they told me she was getting too fat. I had her up to 5lbs. (Being my best buddy, she'd eat with me.) Months went by with us all enjoying each other's companionship. Foxie finally started making eye contact, and would just sit and look at you.
About a year into our companionship, Foxie started to do the boot scoot. I knew she didn't have worms, so thought her anal gland needed to be taken care of, I took her into our vet, and the vet did her gland, but said it wasn't bad, and to keep an eye on her. She seemed ok for awhile. Foxie then became constipated, and didn't poop for two days. I got stuff from the vet to help her constipation, and watched her diet. Nothing helped, still no poop. I took her back to the vet, they gave her other stuff to try, they didn't see, or feel any blockage. Foxie started pooping some, but wasn't up to normal and she started boot scooting again. Foxie started getting sicker by the day, and I was told, I needed to give the medicine time to work. I finally put my foot down that she is not WELL.. I was told I needed to take her to the bigger vets, two towns away for X-rays (to check for blockages). Foxie was getting sicker. The vet was shocked on what they saw in the X-ray. Foxie's pelvis had multi-fractures and it was pressing on her colon making it hard for her to poop. (This is what they thought) I was told I had several options: 1- Let her live like that, and just keep an eye on it, giving her pain pills.
2- Have surgery to fix her pelvis, but they weren't sure she'd make it through at her age. (And they couldn't do it, it had to be a specialist).
3- Or the worst, I'd have to put her down.
Number 3 was NOT going to happen......
I took her X-rays around town, looking for a specialist that would do operate. I was not having any luck, most would say no, because it was too severe.
While all this was going on, Foxie was getting VERY sick, and I wasn't getting any help. I was so upset to see her going down hill, without being helped. Foxie got so bad she wouldn't even walk or get up. I would have to pick her up, and take her to go potty. Where I blew my top, was when I came home from work, and Foxie was still in her bed laying in urine. The darn vet kept acting like I was exaggerating her down hill spiral. I told them if I can't get help that night I thought she'd be dead by morning. They said they'd see her, but didn't know what they'd do for her. They said they could put a call to UC Davis and have me take her there, (over a 2 hour drive). There was NO question, she was going! Steve and I put Foxie in the car and drove to UC Davis. Foxie was unable to even lift her head. We got her there, and the doctor was VERY good, and took Foxie in right away. (All along we're thinking she was needing an operation on her pelvis). The doctor ran a lot of tests, and X-rays. The doctor then came out with different results from what we were thinking. The doctor's X-rays showed that her pelvis was NOT shifting around, that it was an old Multi fracture, and that it had knitted back together like that. The doctor said it was very good that we brought her in that night, because Foxie would not have made it another day. Her test showed that Foxie had Pyrometra (uterus) infection. With Foxie's strength level so low, they couldn't operate until her strength was better. She spent 2 days in hospital on IV's to get her strength up for the operation. Finally on the 3rd day the doctor wanted to operate, but said she may not make it through due to her age, and her health. During the operation Foxie lost a lot of blood, and needed a transfusion, she almost didn't come out of the anesthesia. Being a little fighter, Foxie made it through. I was told her infection spread from her uterus. They did the best they could, to get what they could. She spent 3 days in ICU, and 7days there at UC Davis. (Life was soo stressful during this time) working long hours at work, then driving two hours to see her then drive another two hours home, and start our next day at 3 am.
Foxie was still pretty weak, but was walking, and pooping on her own. It was a HAPPY night when we got to take her home, she was so happy to get in the car to go home. She was put on meds, and a special diet. Foxie was improving, and we thought she had made it through it all. She did fine for awhile, then she stopped eating again. We took her into the vet, and we changed her diet. Then she started throwing up, and it got worse, more often. The Vet changed her meds, but she started spiraling down hill again! I came home from work, and she was doing very badly again.  This time she'd walk, then fall over, so we rushed her back to UC Davis. While waiting to see the doctor Foxie got worse, her legs started to jump, and twitch on their own. More tests were run on her. Her electrolytes were extremely low. I was told once again, if I hadn't brought her in that night, she'd be dead by morning. Foxie spent another few days in ICU, and a week at UC Davis. (Her kidneys were not working properly, the infection was in her kidneys as well.) Foxie once again was a big fighter, (she wanted to live, you could see it in her eyes) so Foxie was put on a tube feeder for better nutrition. I was shown how to feed her, and give meds. They sent her home with us once again. I would get up at 2 am to feed her, and I was running on about 4 hours sleep. She did ok for awhile again. The vet changed her meds to a very strong med that I had to wear gloves and a mask while handling and administering it. I was taking her into the vets every Saturday for blood work, to check her levels. (But the vet did say I needed to think about Foxie's kidneys shutting down, and I might have to make a decision).
Her health went from months of good, to then weeks, and then only to days. I finally had to make that terrible decision.
I woke up that horrible morning to Foxie laying next to me staring at me. I started crying knowing what I had to do, and Foxie actually talked to me, and said it was ok and she found the strength to get up on her feet, and wobbled over closer to me, and laid on me.
Foxie fought hard for life, and never showed signs of giving up.
She came into our life battered and needing help, and in return she showed us what love really is..
Through out this ordeal, between the three different Veterinarians we had to take out a loan, and used more than one credit card to pay the bills that amounted to over $16,000, and we'll be paying them off for the next 6years.
B ut we'd do it all again for her, or any of our fur kids. Our precious Foxie will NEVER be forgotten.
Steve and I thank Foxies Fund with all our hearts for honouring Foxie's name by helping others through Foxies Fund.