Nu-Stock Ointment

Non-toxic and safe for all animals, kills mites on contact, stops itching fast, promotes fast hair growth, regrows hair even in old wounds. It is effective for all skin disorders, wounds, cuts and eliminates certain growths on animals. Great treatment for red mange, demodectic mange, sarcoptic mange, walking dandruff, scabies, ear mites, ringworm, screw worms and hot spots.

Ertheyma Multiforme

Skin Irritation & Hair Loss

Immediate Results

Instant Relief


We've had many reports from delighted owners of the almost instant changes to their pets skin irritation.
Many pet owners are telling us that their loved one experienced almost instant relief from itching, burning or pain that the irritation or condition had caused their baby.
This ointment is very affordable to the average owner! Even better, there are no exhorbitant vet bills to deal with. Save $1000s in vet bills with persistant conditions like Ertheyma Multiforme.