Our  Peanut  Club

The  Peanut  Club

Caring for your K9's

Each month dogs over the age of 6 are drawn from our client base, that need life saving dental procedures. Foxies Fund foots the bill. Thanks to all those that support this program.

Selection is based on the dogs age 6years & up.
Their weight 22pounds or less. And severity of the condition as diagnosed by a vet.
Each candidate undergoes dental surgery (extraction, antibiotics, abcess treatment or cleaning) that will save their life.
The Peanut club is a subsidiary of Foxies Fund & we proudly support critical care for the dental health of smaller, older dogs. Dogs that fit the criteria are drawn once a month from our client list,

For Enquiries contact us on foxiesfund.org@yahoo.com

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Chopper is our latest senior that needs dental care. If you would like to support the Peanut Clubs work, please donate to our website. . . and thank you.