Our hope is to help dog owners with critical treatment with illness and injuries for their dog.  We liaise with the vet and the owner for optimal outcomes for your pet. Funds are given directly to the vet. We build caring communities, and rapport with each & every client. They become part of our Foxies Fund Family, and stay with us into the future - in turn, helping Foxies Fund to help others. The health of our best friend is our main concern. 

Our Mission

We are committed to helping those whose furbabies are in critical need but lack the means to make their furbabies health better through expensive surgeries and treatments. Payments are made directly to the veterinarian.

We make the difference because we are the difference.
— Foxies Fund

What We've Achieved

How you can help ...

  • We have helped over 300 dogs since 2015.

  • We have our own MERCHANDISE

  • We are registered with KROGER our organization number is 39520

  • We are registered with AMAZON SMILE

  • We are on PATREON... come join us!!

  • We are on YOUTUBE... please subscribe!

  • We have our own calendar

  • We are official distributors of Nustock

  • We have raised over $30,000 for sick and injured dogs.

  • We have a tri-yearly newsletter

  • We became a 501c3 in 2016

  • We have created two products of our own: Toppiederm and Cough Elixer

  • We have our Peanut Club for seniors with dental issues. We have helped over 100 seniors.


We are proud to announce our partnerships with these awesome organizations!!