Our Latest Dogs In Need

Ok folks ... here's the latest round up of our babies that need help. We NEED your donations to help these babies!!! Please donate today… & make it recurring because that’s the best way to help these little ones out.

GRACIE - Needs surgery on a liver shunt. This condition allows toxic waste to bypass the liver making it go around the body. She has vomiting and diahorrea. She needs corrective surgery asap. Estimate for surgery is about $3,800. Please donate.

ZARA - Zara needs some serious dental work. This Friday she will be going into surgery to help repair the dental damage and have some teeth removed. If you would like to help little Zara and support our Peanut Club Senior Dental program… please donate through the website. Thank you.

TINY - Tiny is good. His internal sutures were rubbing him and causing pain… they were loosened. Good luck Tiny and thanks to everyone who donated.

JASMINE - Jasmine has a lump on her liver... a cancerous tumor. She needs surgery to have it removed. Please donate, surgery costs are around $9,500. Even though we wont be able to reach the full amount, we hope to give her a significant amount.