Our latest dogs in need

Here they are folks.... furbabies that need YOUR help!! 
1. Squirt: Needing surgery  to survive. $2,000 - for cleft palate. He has done nothing but struggle to live since birth. Please help him
2. Gracie: Needs surgery $3,000 - surgery for ingrown eyelashes that are causing ulcers to form on her eyes. Help save her eyesight.
3. Taz: Agressive cancer/tumor in front paw- needs surgery, will be having his foot amputated.

4. Rocky: testicular cancer. Needs surgery to remove. Please donate so he can live.

5. Fancy: Mass on chest. Needs bloodwork & surgery. $677 is needed for this baby.

6. Skye: Skye accidently swallowed a tennis ball and it blocked her intestine... she is healed and happy now thanks to all our committed donors.

7. Chester: Massive post-operative infection from surgery. Bill exceeds $7,000 from ER stays. Please help pay off this life saving bill.

UPDATE: Chester is home & healing well. He still needs help with his bills.