Our Latest Dogs In Need

Here they are, furbabies that need YOUR help!!! 
1 Squirt- Has a cleft palate that needs surgical repair. Cost estimate is approx $6000. We have started a fund for him, please donate if you can.

2. Harley: has serious dental issues. Will be euthanised if he cant been operated on to remove his infected teeth. On antibiotics while he waits to keep the infection at bay but it wont last too long and he cant wait forever. Estimate is approx $600

3. Elvis: has glaucoma. The pressure in his eye is starting to build up. This can become dangerous and very painful. Please donate if you havent already. Estimate approx $300

4. Blake: Has had his surgery. Is doing well. Thanks to all who donated.

5. DJ: Has a tooth embedded in the top of his gum causing him enough pain not to be eating. Estimate is approx $200-$400

Please click on the donation button to help. https://www.foxiesfund.net/donate